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Welcome to the easiest and most simple to use Secret Santa Generator!

Get ready to transform your holiday gift exchange into an unforgettable and stress-free event. Let us be your yearly go-to solution for an extraordinary gift-giving experience. Bid farewell to the hassles of traditional name-drawing and budget constraints. Our user-friendly tool ensures fairness, making your holiday season truly memorable with friends, family, or co-workers. Your Secret Santa adventure begins here.

The Perfect Gift-Giving Solution

Elevate your holiday gift exchange to a whole new level of convenience and delight with our remarkable Secret Santa Generator. Our platform empowers you to create an exceptional gifting experience. Say farewell to the cumbersome name-drawing process and tiresome budget negotiations. Our intuitive tool ensures fairness and excitement, allowing you to effortlessly organize and participate in a memorable Secret Santa event, be it with friends, family, or colleagues. Make this holiday season extraordinary without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Specify Your Spending Limit

    Set a budget and let our generator handle the rest, eliminating the need for awkward budget discussions.

  • No Self-Draw Guarantee

    We ensure that no one draws their own name, maintaining the excitement and secrecy of the event.

  • Personalize Messages

    Make your gift exchange special by customizing the messages or emails sent to each participant.

  • Mistake-Proof Resend

    Made an error? No problem! Contact us, and we'll promptly resend your message to the correct recipient, free of charge.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Cultivating trust is paramount to us. Your peace of mind is guaranteed as we prioritize the absolute confidentiality of your personal information. At no point will we share your phone details for marketing, advertising, or any other purposes. Your privacy is our unwavering commitment.

Why Choose Us?

Are you ready to transform your holiday gift exchange into an unforgettable, stress-free experience? Look no further. Our state-of-the-art Secret Santa generator, available at an unbeatable price of just $${price()}, is your ticket to a gift exchange like never before. Say goodbye to the tedious task of drawing names from a hat or worrying about fairness. With our innovative platform, you'll effortlessly organize a Secret Santa event that will leave lasting memories.

Simple to Use and Simple Pricing

To maintain simplicity, we do not require an account setup that would require another password for you to remember. And we send each text message personally to every individual in your group to adhere to minimize spam risk and ensure 100% deliverability to your group members.

One payment of $${price()}!

We do NOT charge per participant, re-shuffles, or re-sends for incorrectly entered numbers/emails. Contact us anytime you need help, and your personal "Elf" will make sure you have all the help you need to host the most organized Secret Santa you've ever experienced.

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Your Info (Organizer)

*This is used to let the participants know who and how to contact you with any questions.

  • Organizers phone or email required for participants to contact.
  • Organizers name required.
  • Organizer already added to list. To update, remove the existing participant and try again.
Add to List(As the organizer, adding yourself to the list is optional)
Secret Santa List (Participants)

*If you're the organizer and participating, please add yourself to the list below also.

  • Name required.
  • Valid phone number required. Example: 555-555-5555
  • Valid email required. Example
Add to List

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  • ${memberKey + 1}.

    ${ | truncate(14, '...')}
  • ${}
    ${ | truncate(14, '...')}
What is each persons spending limit? (Optional)

By default, here is an example text message that's going to get sent out:

"This year for Secret Santa, you've been selected to buy a gift for [participant] ${santalist[0].name} with a spending limit of ${limit}.

${message} [personalized message]

This message was generated by your Secret Santa organizer, ${oname}. [organizer's name]. If you have any questions, please reach out to them @ ${oPhone}." ${oemail}." [organizer's phone/email]." *Image not included.

If you'd like to add on to this text, type your personlized message below. (Optional)

Payment Details

  • Organizer: ${oname}
  • Organizer Email: ${oemail}
  • Participants: ${santalist.length}
  • Total Price: $${price()}
${(processing == true) ? 'Continue to Payment...' : 'Continue to Payment'}
Message and data rates may apply. By participating in this service, you agree to bear any standard messaging and data charges that may be applied by your participants mobile carrier. Contact your participants for information about their messaging and data plan.